British Columbia?s coastal rain forests are among the rarest, most productive and awe inspiring ecosystems on the planet.  Rare wildlife and birds are common sightings here, including: Orca Whales, Bears, endangered Marbled Murrelets, Northern Harrier,  Bald Eagles, Herons, Oystercatchers, Otters, Seals, Mink, Coyotes, Bobcats and Deer

You will also find blueberry, red huckleberry and an abundance of mosses and lichens. Fallen nurse logs support new growth by creating elevated and moist habitats.

Trees - Come experience Canada's rain forest

In our area we have 15 commercial species of trees including: Douglas-fir, western red cedar, western hemlock, yellow cedar, red alder, grand fir, mountain hemlock, broadleaf maple, sitka spruce, lodgepole pine, balsam fir, western white pine, white spruce, white birch,black cottonwood,  juniper, yew, bitter cherry, dogwood, and arbutus, pacific willow, pacific crab apple, and cascara. - View the treebook to learn more