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Our culinary team is led by our Director of Food Services, Chef Richard is an award-winning Gold Seal & Gold Medal Chef with an impressive resume. Richard is a second-generation chef – his father was a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine.

He has catered to royalty, providing a “Grown in Canada” experience for Prince Edward and his entourage, and to movie stars such as the cast and crew of the movie Titanic and the star of the TV series Frasier, Kelsey Grammer. He is equally comfortable with events serving 50 or 50,000 meals per day, and he is committed to ensuring that the food we serve is appetizing and wholesome. Most recently (of note), his team catered to over 6000 meals per day over eight days (48 000 meals in total) to a major winter sporting event.

We prepare our award-winning Chowders, Bisques and soups, sauces and breads from scratch and our Chefs take a lot of pride in what they do, providing an artistic flair to the presentation of your food. Our service staff warmly welcomes you and endeavor to make your visit a memorable one. We use fresh local ingredients as much as possible; Creating a memorable culinary experience while supporting the local economy.

Whether it’s a glamorous tent wedding, a business affair or an elegant reception or an intimate ceremony, know that your needs will be well taken care of.