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About <span>Wilderness Resort</span>

About Wilderness Resort

Freedom to discover, explore and unwind

Perfect for a romantic getaway, family vacation and active guests.

A world class destination for kayaking, fishing, paddle-boarding, hiking and connecting with nature. BC’s coastal rain forests are among the rarest, most productive and awe inspiring ecosystems on the planet. The alpine cabins enjoy panoramic views of oceans with stunning mountain back-drops. Our platform tents are at the water’s edge of the rain forest, surrounded by a cathedral-like canopy of trees. Closer to the ground you’ll find blueberry, red huckleberry and an abundance of mosses and lichens. Fallen nurse logs support new growth by creating elevated and moist habitats.

The unique location of Wilderness Resort offers 2 km of waterfront including access to one of the few inter tidal lagoons in the inlet system. Recreational kayaks and canoes are available at no cost for you to explore the coastline and look for starfish, sunfish, sea anemones, crabs, and fish. Venture just a little away from the shore and you will find seals and even Pacific white-sided dolphins. Recent years have also seen increasing Orca activity in our area.

For many years Wilderness Resort was known as Bird Point Resort, in recognition of being popular for many bird species including many who stay year round. The bald eagle is our most recognizable and majestic bird.

The onsite Team consists of well trained and qualified hospitality professionals. From our resident Chef and Manager, housekeeper and maintenance person, you can rest easy knowing you are well cared for.